Making Your Kids’ Parties Free Of Hassle

Planning a kids’ party is always troublesome and takes up a lot of valuable time, but the reason for that is often because we tend to rely on just our own selves. If you’re not exactly suffering from budget problems, then it’s good to know that there are many excellent party services that can make planning a party much more easier nowadays:

• You can ditch the cake – even if you’re not baking the cake by yourself (which is honestly quite difficult and takes up a lot of time) and instead order the cake from a bakery or catering service, the fact that serving it during the party gets messy nonetheless stands. Nowadays, serving one large cake – even for a birthday party is no more the standard; in fact, there is rising trend to order cupcakes instead of whole cakes, even for kids birthday parties Perth. Cupcakes are far easier to serve and less messy, so they’re ideal for kids’ parties. You can also set up a decorating stations with sprinkles and the like so that the kids can decorate their own cupcakes. 

• Consider hiring food machines – preparing food all by yourself is a tall order for anyone. Even if you go with simplistic finger foods like sandwiches and the like, preparing for a party is quite difficult. Of course, you can always rely on catering services, but there are other methods, such as popcorn machine, chocolate fountain and fairy floss machine hire.

• Consider hiring an activities’ coordinator – if planning activities and games is difficult for you, or if there are a lot of children, hiring an activities’ coordinator is a good idea. This can be a magician or clown (many sites with popcorn machine hire and other supplies will often also include clowns and magicians for hire, if you don’t know where to search for one). An activity coordinator is useful as he or she will make sure that no kids are left behind in activities, as well as look after them while keeping them all entertained. If your budget is tight however, you can always have two or three teenagers over to have some sessions of face painting and other similar fun activities.

• Get the help of a few other parents – this last point is quite important, but many parents tend to overlook it. Even if you’re the host of the party, it never hurts to ask some of the other parents to help you – even at least on the day of the party at least. Between taking photos of every child, making sure no one gets hurt and tending to the refreshments, doing everything alone is not easy, and you shouldn’t do so either.