How Can You Decorate Your Room Without Painting?

There are many more ideas to decorate your home without painting. If you live in an apartment, rented house or dormitory then you cannot paint your home of your choice but still you can add some charm to your room and make them energetic.

It is not that hard to make the room beautiful without painting them. It will then be a challenge to you to decorate your home.If you do not want simple colors, then it is the time to show your creativity that will also show your personality and status. If you home is colorless or fading, then do not worry here are some simple solutions, like use of landscape prints on canvas will add that desired color to your room. Also, these types of wall arts will offer positive energy.

Use some wall paintings or decorations which are removable

Removable wall paintings or art works are a beautiful idea to decorate your home. You can also make the wall paintings by yourself and add a personalized touch to your home. This will also prove your imagination power and you will be much satisfied to decorate your home in this way with the touch of yourself in a gentle way. The advantage of using this type of wall painting or landscape prints on canvas is that they are easily removable and also very easy to apply. Custom made paintings are very attractive as there are some memories of your family.

Use of wall hooks is also a wise idea

Those who live in a rented house are not generally allowed to paint, but they can easily use wall hooks that are easily removable. They are easy to apply and easy to remove, it is also very good they do not even leave a mark. One can use those hooks for many uses such as hanging pictures or mirrors in the bathroom or any other uses. You can add more hook if you have heavy things to hang. Actually these are very friendly item for rented homes or apartments. It does not damage walls and leave any marks. You can find them in your local hardware store. If you have white walls then it an advantage to you, you can use it many ways to decorate your room. Leave some portions of your white walls and add some vibrant color scheme to make it beautiful. It is important to match the contrast with white. 

Using cushion and curtains is also innovative

You can add colorful curtains, cushions and other accessories to decorate. You can also use neon colors on the inner roof of your home and add removable stars there. Wall shelves are also very decorative items for homes. Floating walls will also add some extra storage spaces.